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a graced Scandinavian Living and Dining Room Makeover

a graced Scandinavian Living and Dining Room Makeover

A few months ago a good friend of graced, Cassie, approached us about helping her redesign and redecorate her living and dining room in her Manitowoc home. Cassie and her husband, Matt and their two tiny humans had lived in the home for a few years and Cassie felt like it was time for an update. The square footage of the home is approximately 1500 sq feet and Cassie felt as though she needed to make good use of every inch to accommodate their family's needs. I met with Cassie in September to talk about what she thought were the largest challenges of the space and here's what she had to say...

Storage was an issue - Having two kids under the age of six means that there are lots of toys, craft supplies, coats, mittens and artwork that can be found in any corner of the home. Cassie mentioned that she feels like she is battling clutter everyday and that there just isn't enough storage for all of the "things". 

The space felt small and dark- Even though the house gets great light during the day the dark colors on the walls made the space feel smaller and den like. The table in the dining room was also very large for the room and made it feel cramped. Cassie really wanted a more light and airy feeling for the space and definitely was thinking she wanted to update with a lighter wall color.

The lighting was outdated - While the house had some nice existing light fixtures they really didn't reflect Cassie and Matt's current design style. 

Here are some images of the space before the makeover...

nwhp (1 of 13).jpg

Ready for the big reveal?! This is what Cassie + Matt's living and dining room space looked like today...

nwhp (4 of 30).jpg

I would definitely say that the room has been transformed! Here's what we did...

  • Painted all of the walls an "off the shelf" white paint. It's not too cool or not too warm, a great neutral white.
  • All of the curtain rods were mounted higher above the windows to achieve the appearance of the ceilings being higher and the windows being larger. Cassie kept the same curtains she had before the makeover but they have a whole new look in the updated space.
  • Removed everything from the walls and started with a blank canvas. Cassie really wanted to identify a style and stick with it. She opted to get rid of quite a few items she liked but just didn't fit with the new styling.
  • Replaced the table top with a smaller and darker live edge top. Matt does a fair amount of wood working so he was excited to find three great pieces of wood to create the perfect new table. 
  • All the of the light fixtures were replaced with new updated fixtures that are more aligned with their new design. 
  • A mirror was added to the dining room wall to give the room the appearance of being larger than it is.
  • Matt built all new shelving for the space and they kept the same wood stain throughout to have a really coordinated and consistent look.

To address the lack of storage and clutter Cassie repainted a small cabinet that was exsisting and added faux metal panels to the front that were previously chickenwire. As part of the new design we tried to steer clear of the rustic look which included getting rid of any distressed items or various metals like the chicken wire. 

Matt also created a beautiful live edge side table for the living room space complete with hair pin legs. It has become the perfect location for a small plant, their morning coffee and their diffuser. To address storage in the front entrance Cassie found the perfect small 3-basket side table for hats, gloves and other little items that need to be dropped at the front door.

We finished the look off with a few items from graced! A beautiful white geometric planter, a black and white turkish lightweight blanket on the couch, a wood pedestal with hairpin legs on the table along with one of our signature turkish hand towels and a reproduction white pitcher. 


***The winner of the great graced Makeover Contest is.....Samantha Nelson who posted a great photo of her bathroom and explained how she would use a $250 Lowe's gift card and a $250 gift certificate to graced!! Congratulations Samantha!!


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