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Creating the perfect Christmas Mantel

Creating the perfect Christmas Mantel

Christmas decorating came just a tad bit later this year for my house. I wanted to definitely hold off until after Thanksgiving because we were celebrating in our home with my entire family (best time ever!). Then suddenly it was post-Thanksgiving and I realized I hadn't done much so THIS weekend I started in our family room and focused on creating the perfect Christmas mantel. 

This is what the mantel looked like pre-Christmas decor...

nwhp (1 of 4).jpg

And here is the after...

nwhp (12 of 14).jpg

I really decided to keep it simple this year and to stick with a super neutral and Scandinavian feel. I removed everything from the mantle and the built in shelves and evaluated what was going to stay and what was going to go (I also realllly needed to dust!). I felt like the shelves had gotten more cluttered over time so it was time for a clean slate. 

I decided that I wanted to keep as many family family photos on the shelves as I could because we treasure all of the photos so much. Then I chose some super simple decorations from the bins upon bins of Christmas decor I own (truly, it's too much and sooo much is going to head to Good Will soon). I also threw together a simple wood ring wreath with faux greens, a few bells and some ribbon. I knew I had some gold candle sticks (like maybe 100 of them) at the store because we rent them for weddings so I snagged a few and added them to the faux and real greens I draped across the mantle. 

To get this look I only spent about $17 on the real pine and cedar garland and about $5 for the white taper candles. Everything else I had on hand and just used some ribbon I already had for the wood ring wreath. I also switched out the mirror above the mantle with another mirror I had in the house. I have about 4 round mirrors and I seriously made my husband hang each and every one above the mantle before I settled on the wood one (thankfully he didn't seem to be annoyed by my indecision). 

That's it! White, neutral and very simple! Just how I like it.

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